Ask gluten free toast!

Hungarian style cottage cheese

dip with fresh vegetables


Mixed cold plate

cheese, sausage, salami, bacon / 1 person


Steak tartare

with toast and fresh vegetables



Fresh mixed salad

with homemade dressing


Spanich salad

with strawberry, walnuts, cranberry, goat cheese


Greek salad

add on:
grilled chicken - $6
sunny side up egg - $1
tuna - $4



normal / big size

Please ask! Without noodles!

Chicken noodles soup

$ 4 /$ 7

Goulash soup

$ 6 /$ 9

Fish soup

$ 8 /$ 13

Pork dishes

Brassói style roast pork

juicy roast pork mix with home fried potato and garlic


Pork slice with Budapest ragout

chiken liver, tomato, peppers, mushroom, green peas


Betyár cutlet

pork slice with spicy tomato sauce, fried egg, roasted pig fat, French fries


Stuffed cabbage rolls (3)

with sour cream


Poultry dishes

Chicken breast with Budapest ragout

chicken liver, tomato, peppers, mushroom, green peas


Roast duck leg

with mashed potato, purple cabbage


Grilled chicken breast

with fresh mixed salad


Dishes of beef or lamb

Beef stew

with boiled potato or dumplings


Tripe stew


Grilled lamb sausages

with mashed potato, fresh salad


Beef steak - 6oz/12oz

with grilled vegetables and parsley potato


Beef steak with fried onions - 6oz/12oz

and French fries



Grilled salmon

with grilled vegetables


Burgers / Sandwiches

Please ask gluten free bread instead of the bun!

Options for the sandwiches: lettuce, onion, tomato, mustard, ketchup OR sauerkraut and mustar


(Angus beef burger 5,3oz - no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotic) with French fries and cabbage salad


Cheese-bacon Burger

with French fries, cabbage salad


+ extra meat patty


Vegetarian dishes

Grilled Portobello mushroom

with your choice of side


Kids menu

It is include a small size chicken soup, PLEASE ASK, WITHOUT NOODLES!

I don't want anything: grilled chicken breast with parsley, potato, grilled vegetable





Cabbage salad


Beetroot salad


Dill pickles


Cucumber salad


Mild yellow peppers stuffed with cabbage





Chestnut puree


Ice cream with whipped cream and fruits


Side dishes

French fries


Sweet potato fries


Home fried potato


Boiled potato / Mashed potato


Parsley potato


Grilled vegetables


Steamed rice